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Tanlent Green Card System of Guangzhou

Excellent talents at home and abroad without local household registration who work or start up business in Guangzhou can apply for the “talent green card” as the proof of living and working in the city and for handling personal affairs.


Persons who start up business or work in Guangzhou for over 6 months every year and have legal residence in the city can apply for the talent green card when they meet one of the following conditions:

(I)Municipally recognized or examined and verified as high-level, high-skilled talents.

(II)Overseas high-level talents with certain experience of oversea assignment, study and innovation and entrepreneurship,including:

1. Experts and scholars who hold the posts equivalent to those above associate professor in overseas prestigious colleges and universities and scientific research institutions;

2. Talents who have been engaged in the research development and management work and hold the middle or senior posts for over three years in the internationally famous enterprises (or Fortune Global 500);

3. Industrial leading talents who master core technologies with proprietary intellectual property rights, making internationally advanced or national leading level of technological achievements of good market prospect and industrialization potential;

4. Industrial leading talents who have rich experience in overseas innovation and entrepreneurship, start up business by bringing in technologies projects and funds into the key industrial fields of the city and are helpful to the improvement in relevant industry development level of the city.

(III) Experts with professional and technical qualification above professor-level and working experience in relevant fields for over 10 years.

(IV) Personnel with graduate degrees and doctoral degrees of regular higher education of“985 Program”or“211 Program” or with graduate degrees and the degrees above master of the world top 300 overseas first-class universities.

(V) Talents with senior technician qualification who are occupied in the type of work included in the catalogue of the scarce types of work (occupations)of the city.

(VI) High-end foreign talents with Foreign Expert Certificate and talents from Hong Kong, Macao of China and foreign talents who work within Guangzhou Nansha area of Guangdong Pilot Free Trade Zone and are recognized by the free trade pilot zone management committee.

(VII)Personnel from Hong Kong, Macao of China and foreign personnel working in Guangzhou whose annual wage incomes reach RMB 600,000 and above and whose annual individual income taxes reach RMB 120,000 and above. The above-mentioned standards are subject to adjustment as appropriate according to the per capita wage level change of Guangzhou.

(VII) Talents who meet the needs of the economic society development of the city and are recognized as talents with certain special skills or expertise by relevant departments.


(I) Foreign personnel can directly apply for Alien Employment Permit or Foreign Expert Certificate with green cards, and meanwhile they can directly apply for the permanent resident certificate for 2-5 years with the talent green card and Alien Employment Permit or Foreign Expert Certificate in the municipal public security bureau with the official letter of the employer Those who do not apply for the residence certificates can apply for the issuance of the zero, single, double or multiple entry R visa with the validity period of entry of not more than 5 years and the duration of stay of not more than 180 days with the talent green card and the official letter of the employer.

(II) Talents can participate in the qualification appraisal for the professional and technical posts of the city, the professional title policy exams available in the city the vocational training and the national occupational qualification appraisal. Talents can apply for the promotion training allowance as required after obtaining the qualification certificates issued by the municipal and provincial government.

(III) For the children migrating along with the talents in the preschool education stage, those who meet the age requirement are entitled to be included in the computer generated waiting list of the kindergartens run by the education department of the district where the actual place of residence is located; in the stage of compulsory education, the children are arranged to attend the public schools(including the qualifications purchased by the government from the non-state-run schools) by the education department in the district Where the actual place of residence is located based on the treatment equivalent to that for the registered residents of the city; children can participate in the entrance exams held by the schools in the senior high school stage and enjoy the treatment equivalent to that for the registered examinees of the city, and they can also register for the state-run regular senior secondary schools, non-state-run regular senior secondary schools and secondary vocational schools.

(IV)Ordinary passports, Exit-Entry Permits to and from Hong Kong and Macau Exit-Entry Permits to and from Taiwan and various endorsements can be applied in Guangzhou in accordance with the relevant provisions made by China and Guangzhou.

(V)Talent green cards can be used for investment identification to apply for business licenses pursuant to the laws. For a holder of talent green card with foreign nationality who lives permanently overseas or the holder is a citizenship of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the holder can directly apply for business license to invest or start business Without notarization and authentication on his or her valid identification.

(VI) Talent green cards can be used for opening accounts in any bank within Guangzhou and for deposit and withdrawal services; the acquired foreign exchange and RMB profits and legitimate RMB income acquired within Guangzhou can go through purchase payment procedures at designated foreign exchange banks as per relevant rules and regulations.

(VII)A domestic resident without Guangzhou local hukou can purchase a self residence house in Guangzhou with the rest Guangzhou locals; residents from Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR, Taiwan or foreign countries, overseas Chinese scholars holding Chinese passports but with permanent or long-term residence permit in foreign countries and without any hukou registration status in China, can purchase one owner occupied house according to relevant national provisions.

(VII) Driving licenses can be applied and motor vehicle registration formalities can be handled in Guangzhou. The owners of small or medium-sized passenger car with valid driving license, can enjoy the policy the policy of Guangzhou citizens and apply for Guangzhou small or medium-sized passenger car incremental index in accordance with “Total Amount Control Management for Guangzhou Small and Medium-sized assenger Cars” for non-registered small or medium-sized passenger cars.

(IX)Residence localization management should be implemented on talent green card holders, who need not to register for residence repeatedly. The functional departments shall timely provide follow-up service and management.

Talent green card holders can for trailing spouses and minor children, parents, spouse parents and other relatives for talent vice card green card.The above relatives but by talent vice card green card holders of renewal and talents same term visas or residence certificates, and enjoy the benefits of(4)to(9).